JGIP IP Newsletter - Issue 3 2017

In this issue, we focus on Photography and Entrepreneurship! We also discuss what’s been happening in our courts and share with you about all the fun we have been having talking to you about IP in various events.......Read more

JGIP IP Newsletter - Issue 2 2017

We are pleased to bring you this second issue of JGIP quartely Newsletter, an initiative we began this year as part of our dedicated effort to help sensitize and de-mystify this thing we call IP......Read more

JGIP IP Newsletter - Q1, Issue 1 2017

Intellectual Property (IP) is visible in our daily lives. It is created and shared through the expression of art, the development of innovative products/methods, and the creation of brands.....Read more

As the end of the year is just round the corner, we would like it if you could share with us your favourite topic covered in our series #MeMyselfandIP

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